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Cut & Place Module

Precision Cutting Solutions for:

     Airlaid Pad Cutting

     Nonwoven & Tape Cutting Modules

     Feminine Care & Incontinence Products


     Absorbant Pads


     Sanitary Napkins


Standard Features

  • Side mount frame and 2-up, reversible knife roll to allow for mounting above or below the product web on left or right handed machines

  • E-LV-2 Flex Knife

  • E-HV-900 Solid Vacuum Anvil Roll

  • Hardened bearing housings

  • Sealed spherical & torroidal combination bearing system

  • 2 piece Nyloil vacuum manifold with quick release removable section


Optional Features

  • Gear or pully drive options

  • Oiler assemble with silicone roller


cut place module vacuum anvil roll flex knife cutting
cut and place module cutting module flex knives anvil roll knife roll
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