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Flex Cut  VS  Crush/Score Cut

Need a higher return on your investment in cutting technology?

Crush or score cutting uses a semi sharp circular blade that is pneumatically loaded against a hardened anvil roll.  The blade crushes the fibers and causes the fabric to split.  Since it crushes the fibers and does not shear them, it tends to leave some fuzz on the edge of the material.  It works the same way a pizza cutter works.


Advantages of Crush/Score Cut:


  • Less expensive to set up and operate


  • Use of thin knife enables knife holders to be mounted close together for cutting narrow strips of material.  


  • Blades can be quickly changed when they become dull.


Important note:  Blades must be sharpened properly, not to a razor sharp point, but rather to a rounded point with a specific radius.


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Benefits of Flex Cutting


  • Can use advanced materials that exert less stress on bearings & mechanical components


  • 4 edge knife design provides long lasting, low cost knives


  • Lower maintenance costs


  • Lower total cost of ownership

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