Performance Based Design Philosophy


  • Holding components, rolls, and cutting modules designed from the knife outward

  • Focus on productivity

  • Effects of cutting forces on the complete module


Precision Manufacturing


  • Every tolerance affects the performance of the knife

  • Products achieve maximum potential life


World Class Service


  • During design, manufacture, installation and beyond!



Premium Materials 


  • Materials chosen based on performance

  • Focus on lower cost of ownership over time

Better Knives & Anvils

Precision Knife & Anvil Rolls

High Performance Cut Modules

What is the


     For Everwear, it all started with a better knife.  We used our strengths in the areas of material selection, metallurgical processes and precision grinding to become cutting experts to our valuable partners in manufacturing.  When you buy our product, you get much more than a knife.  You get years of experience and expertise from a company committed to your success.  This is the foundation of Precision Cutting Solutions.


     Over time our scope grew to include any component that affects the cut.  The design for these larger projects retains our original purpose of the best cut possible for the customer.  Our goal is to optimize the knife's performance and, in turn, maximize our customers' efficiency and productivity.  This goal is the heart of Precision Cutting Solutions.  


    Precision Cutting Solutions focuses on reliability, speed, and productivity.  Everwear cutting modules are designed from the knife out.  This means every specification, material selection, and feature on an Everwear module is created to optimize the performance of the knife.  The result is less downtime for knife changes and adjustments, which means higher productivity.


     While precision knives can increase productivity on their own, they will never perform to their full potential without Precision Cutting Solutions being applied to the entire cutting module.  Designing anvils with enhancements that increase the life of both knife and anvil, components that provide drop-in replacement and reduced time to flip and change knives, knife rolls that are engineered to the same standards as the components, and anvil rolls that are manufactured from advanced materials leads us to our next step, complete cutting modules.  Whether our customers need to have a new module designed, or an existing one reengineered, Everwear will apply Precision Cutting Solutions to the entire process to ensure that customer's expectations are met. 


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