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rotary cutting feminine care pad sanitary napkin nonwoven converting machine replacement part vacuum anvil hub engineering drop in cut station

Dear Customer,


Everwear, inc. is not just a job shop.  We are your resource for precision cutting.  The manufacturing solutions we offer range from the cut module in your converting machine, to replacement rolls, to flex knives and anvils, to the components that hold the knives and anvils in the roll.


Our sales staff visits every Everwear customer and can make recommendations to improve your cutting production. Their on-site support continues throughout the life of your Everwear parts.  They are supported by a knowledgeable and caring customer service staff.


Our in-house design team can guide you through the entire process of taking a concept to reality.  Their mission is your productivity and efficiency, and their expertise has been gained thru experience in many industries around the world.  



                                                                                                         In appreciation of your business,

                                                                                                         Rodney Moulin



vacuum anvil hub engineering drop in cut station
Everwear knives anvils
Engineering & Design

Everwear's in-house design team can engineer or reengineer your product making recommendations on materials and tolerances to improve your production.

Engineering & Design
vacuum anvil hub knife roll anvil roll cut module cut station replacement parts flex knife cutting industrial knives anvils
On Site Evaluations, Installation Support, Training

Everwear sales and engineering staff travel to you for on site evaluations and recommendations.  We can be present at product installation for set-up and training.   

On-Sight Evaluations

Extend the life of your slitters, knives and anvils with our in-house resharpening services.  Executed with the same rigid standards we use every day.   

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