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Precision ground tool steel and carbide anvil Inserts are designed and manufactured to complement and enhance knife performance.  

Everwear's standard for design and performance entailed that our standard solid anvil roll material be in a superior toughness and fatigue strength category over OEM rolls.

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Precision ground perforated anvils can be custom designed and manufactured to complement and strengthen knife performance.

Everwear designed insert anvil rolls offer a variety of configurations that ensure optimal performance of our insert anvils and optimal function of your module.

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Demanding in-house quality control, advanced material use and exceptional manufacturing practices coincide to produce a superior patterned anvil. 

Everwear crafted vacuum anvil rolls outperform OEM rolls due to demanding tolerances, exceptional design and material selection.

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Everwear precision anvils stand apart from the competition. More cuts per anvil is the norm when Everwear splicer anvils are in your converting machine.

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