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Precision made Everwear Flex Knives offer superior performance.  The difference is in the material, design and strict manufacturing tolerances.

Stainless and high speed steels available with a variety of coatings to reduce wear & build-up.  

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Premium materials and exceptional quality offer increased dependability to nearly any industry with a cutting application.  

Available in various designs for the envelope and many other industries.  Circular score blades and slitters are also available.

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Everwear Window and Fly Knives are precision engineered with materials selected for user application.  Upgrade to Everwear today!

Everwear Carbide Knives are precision ground in our facility from your choice of submicron or course grade solid tungsten carbide. 

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Everwear precision Splicer Knives are held to tight tolerances ensuring your product is cut correctly every time.

What is a Flex Cut?
See Everwear's 3 Step Guide:
What Happens During a Flex Cut?

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